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Audio reviews, guitar tones, and sonic ramblings


Welcome to tone.texture.soul. This is a space for me to share my love for audio, my reviews of headphones and cables, and my thoughts on audio and music in general. I'm a touring and session guitarist, a recording engineer, an avid lover of 2 channel systems, and a seriously intense audiophile focusing on portable audio. I'm also a professional photographer, photos of gear is a passion project for me, and an integral part of the experience. I bring all this to the table for my reviews - in pursuit of the perfect signal chain. All I ask of gear is that it moves me, takes me on a journey, and stays as close to the artist's original intentions as possible while doing so. Music needs to have soul, your gear should too. 

This site is a work in progress, with lots more to come. I've included a page of brief snippets of my guitar work - as an avenue of my sonic journey - nothing has influenced me more. I am informed and shaped by it, my similar search for the ultimate guitar tone. Soundscapes, textures, tones, and a little soul.


upcoming reviews

-nightjar audio sovereign symphony


-oriolus Traillii ti

-Luxury & precision e7 exclusive edition


-astral audio cables

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